More Sphynx on TV!

Check out this lighthearted and silly television program called The Shak that did a feature on the sphynx cat!

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Amazing: Tiny Sphynx Kittens

A beautiful, adorable, sweet, amazing video of newborn baby sphynx kittens and their mom. I bet you can’t watch without smiling! I see a lot of tabby sphynx kittens – my favorite!

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Chip the Sphynx Playing Fetch

Meet Chip, a tabby sphynx. He’s super cute and loves to play fetch! Check him out. Does your sphynx play fetch?

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Bad Romance: Can you Spot the Sphynx?

A member of Lady Gaga’s team is the proud owner of a sphynx cat. That must be how this cute hairless kitty got a cameo in the Bad Romance video. Can you spot the sphynx? Hint: pay attention at 2:42.

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Naked Rat Takes a Shower!!


Okay, so maybe this isn’t a sphynx cat, but if you love naked animals, you’ll squeal when you see this! Aside from sphynx, of course, this may be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

Cats 101: Sphynx


Did you ever see the episode of Animal Planet’s TV show all about cat breeds, Cats 101, featuring the sphynx cat? Well here it is!

Sphynx in a Sink

Sphynx in a Sink

This is Steve, the sphynx cat who is obsessed with water! Here, he’s attacking water in the sink and getting soaked! He’s too cute. Does your sphynx play in the water?

Sphynx Cat Does Tricks!


Check out this awesome sphynx cat named Barnabus doing tricks! He’s been trained to sit, lie down, roll over, speak and stay. We think he’s pretty fantastic, don’t you? What tricks have you taught your sphynx to do?  

Sphynx Cats in Tanks


You’ll get a kick out of this awesome movie by The Whitehouse editors, Cats in Tanks. Starring…you guessed it, an evil SPHYNX!

Sphynx Playing Pool…So Cute!


One of our Facebook fans submitted this video of her adorable sphynx cat, Kai, playing on their pool table. She’s pretty talented, isn’t she? What special talents does your sphynx have? Use the comment box below!